Our Queens


Our Queen Bees

We like our Italian queens for the hard work they do, with the right care. They are perfect for colonies collecting honey for the honey producers, making a lot of brood for those beekeepers who make nukes, and building new frames for those who want to extend their business. This is due to the fact that Italian queens start laying earlier in the year, compared to other varieties of bees.

In January they look great, this is important for many beekeepers who participate in the California almond pollination, as the growers are happy because of a strong hive. The stronger a hive the better cross pollination the bees are able to produce. This provides a higher value for the farmers as it increases their crop yield.

Some argue that the Italian Queens or bees are sensitive and eat a lot of honey, however, if they produce ten frames of brood then they have to feed those babies, the Italian queens begin making brood earlier in the year and have to feed their young, resulting in them having less feeding frames saved as opposed to other bees who start later.